SAOL - Svenska Akademiens ordlista

The Swedish Academy Glossary (Svenska Akademiens ordlista, abbreviated SAOL) is a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of the Swedish language. It is published by the Swedish Academy and is regarded as the definitive resource for spelling, pronunciation, inflection, and usage of Swedish words. The SAOL has been in publication since 1874, with the most recent edition being the 14th, released in 2015.



The SAOL app is the digital version of SAOL, providing convenient and offline access to the authoritative dictionary on mobile devices.


The app contains the full content of the latest SAOL edition, including over 125,000 entries with spelling, pronunciation, grammatical inflections, and usage examples.
SAOL iPhone

Search Functionality

Users can easily search for words, making it quick to find definitions and related information. The search feature supports both simple and advanced queries.
SAOL iPhone

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“Excellent, definitive information on the Swedish language. Great work by the app maker fixing an issue on Christmas holidays. I'm impressed!”

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“Ridiculously large app with so few features! It just contains a lot of Swedish words!”

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