Stjärnsvenska is a comprehensive reading program designed for early school years, specifically targeting students from preschool to grade 3. This educational tool includes a wide array of books organized into various packages and levels, tailored to meet the diverse reading needs and skills of young learners.

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The digital library consists of 96 titles, providing accessibility to students with various learning needs, including audio support for all texts.
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Teachers can utilize this digital library to form reading groups and assign books that align with each student's reading level, enhancing personalized learning.
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Inspired by the holistic reading approach from New Zealand, Stjärnsvenska focuses on integrating text and imagery to enhance understanding and engagement.
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“We appreciate the structured approach of Stjärnsvenska, its comprehensive resources, digital tools and interactive content.”

— Grade 2 Teacher

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“The extensive teacher's guides are a great resource for me and my students.”

— Grade 3 Teacher