Svensk ordbok

The app Svensk ordbok is a comprehensive digital dictionary designed for both native Swedish speakers and advanced learners of the Swedish language.


Provides detailed descriptions of approximately 65,000 words in modern Swedish, covering meanings, usage, and historical context.

Spelling Assistance

Helps users find words even if they are unsure of the spelling, making it easier to find the correct word or phrase.
Svensk ordbok iPhone

In-Depth Articles

The app includes articles offering comprehensive information on word usage, idioms, and grammar.
Svensk ordbok Android

Freely Available

Get it on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Svensk ordbok iPhone
Newly Arrived

“As a new Swedish speaker, the app has been very helpful in finding synonyms and looking up different words. I've had the app for a long time now, and I almost daily check it, among other things, to see the word of the day.”

— Newly arrived to Sweden

Corporate Lawyer

“Please remove any references to the words ████ and █████ and cease and desist using them in your dictionary. Our client own these trademarks and do not want them victims of genericide.”

— Corporate Lawyer

Svenska Akademien

“We are very proud to announce that our dictionary apps have been downloaded over two million times.”

— Svenska Akademien

Play Store review

“Best dictionary app! Easy to search, easy to navigate, and works great!”

— Play Store reviewer